7th General Conference of Arab Union of Electricity in Doha- Qatar 20-22 March 2022

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Arab Union of Electricity

The establishment of the Arab Union of Electricity (AUE) in 1987 aimed for Improving and developing the generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy in the Arab World. Developing, improving and coordinating the areas of interest of its members and strengthening the relationship among them. Almost all Arab Ministries and Utilities of Electricity are active members in the Arab Union of Electricity. Many of the manufacturing companies that support this sector as well as producing companies are associate members. The active members are currently 32 while the associate members are 20 and the observing members are 2. These 54 entities make up the General Assembly of AUE. The Board of Directors includes 10 members; headed by Engineer Abdel Rahim Hafidi, the Director General - Office National de l'Electricité et du l’Eau potable- (ONEE)/ Morocco. The Board of Directors is appointed every three years by the active members. The Arab Union of Electricity Secretariat is based in Amman, Jordan and hosted by National Electric Power Company.

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The 52 Board of Directors and the 14th General Assembly meetings of AUE were held in Tangier Morocco during  28-29 January 2020 . attended by the Chairman of AUE Eng. Abdel-Rahim Hafidi Director

Increasing shares of renewable energy - increasing the flexibility of the electricity system

The General Secretariat of the Arab Union of Electricity has recently completed the preparation of the Arab electricity interconnection maps in Arabic and English  for the year 2014. These maps include:

Hold the 51st Meeting of AUE Board of Directors - Amman - Jordan

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29th Edition -Arab Electricity Magazine 2020

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Human Resources Conference

Muscat - Oman

HR Conference held in Muscat, Oman In collaboration with OSHRM, Nama and AUE

Convention and Exhibition Center - Muscat

AUE 49th Board of Directors Meeting & the 13th Meeting of the General Assembly

Dead Sea - Jordan

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