AUE Board of Directors

Eng. Abdel Rahim Hafidi

AUE Chairman General Manager / Office National Del' Electricity (ONEE) – Morocco

Eng. Amjad Rawashdeh

Vice Chairman - Secretary General of AUE / Managing Directory of National Electric Power Company (NEPCO )- Jordan

Eng. Thafer Melham

Chairman/Minister of Electricity and Natural resources- Palestine

Eng. Mohammad Ammar

General Manager / Socite Tunisienne de l'electricite et du Gas ( STEG) - Tunisia

Eng. Shaher Bulekhras

President - General Manager / Algerian Company for Electricity and Gas (Sonelgaz)- Algeria

Eng. Laith AL Bassam

CEO -Saudi National Grid- Saudi Arabia

Eng. Hamed Suleiman Hamed

Ministry of Energy and Minerals Al-Khartom-Sudan

Eng. Essa Bin Hilal Al-Kuwari

President of "KAHRAMAA" -Qatar

Eng. Ali Sasi

Executive Manager of GECOL- Libya

Eng. Jaber Dosoqi Mostafa

Chairman -Egyptian Electricity Holding Company- Egypt