Disribution Committee
Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Supply of the electrical energy to the consumers at the most economic cost and at high levels of standards and reliability.
  2. Load management
  3. Energy Conservation
  4. Study and establish electricity tariff to create a balance between energy resources and consumption.
  5. Improve capacity of the distribution networks.
  6. Improve load factors of the distribution network.
  7. Optimize the supply for large cities at the different voltage levels.
  8. Planning for future expansion of S/S’s and distribution networks.
  9. Reduce the technical losses.
  10. Supervise the distribution network.
  11. Study and follow up the investments for new projects of distribution in the different countries of the union.
  12. Improve the metering system.
  13. Encourage renewable energy resources.
  14. Exchange information and data with other union countries.
  15. Advise for adoption of unified standards among the union countries.

The Head Member and Members

Eng. Hassan

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