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الأعضاء العاملون

Central Electricity Generating Co.
Electricity Distribution Co. - Jordan
Irbid District Electricity Co Ltd.
Jordan Electric Power Co. Ltd
National Electric Power Co.
Samra Electricity Production Co
Ministry of Energy an Infrastructure
Electricity and Water Authority
Societe Tunisienne de l'electricite et du Gaz
Saudi Electricity Company
Sudan Electricity Holding Company
Public Establishment of Electricity Generation
Public Establishment for Transmission and Distribution of Electricity
Ministry of Electricity
Ministry of Electricity and Water and Renewable Energy
Ministry of Energy and Minerals
Gaza Electricity Distribution Corporation (GEDCo)
Jerusalem District Electricity Co. Ltd.
North Electricity Distribution Company
Palestinian Energy and Natural Resources Authority
Southern Electricity Company
Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation “KAHRAMAA”
Electricity du Liban
General Electricity Company- Libya
Egyptian Electricity Holding Co.
Office Nationale del'Electricite et de l’Eua Potable
Societe Mauritaneinne del'electircite
Public Electricity Corporation