Arab Electricity Interconnection Maps - 2014

The General Secretariat of the Arab Union of Electricity has completed the preparation of the Arab electricity interconnection maps in Arabic and English for the year 2014. These maps include:

  • Gulf electricity interconnection, which includes six Gulf countries namely Saudi Arabia , Kuwait , Bahrain , Qatar , UAE and Oman .
  • Eight Interconnection , which includes Arab Mashreq countries namely: Egypt , Jordan , Syria , Lebanon , Palestine , Iraq , Libya, in addition to Turkey .
  • The Maghreb interconnection, which includes the Maghreb countries, namely: Tunisia , Algeria, and Morocco .
  • Maps of each individual Arab states

Each of these maps includes many details about the Arab electrical systems components for each individual state and Common interconnections mentioned above. The maps also include the following:

  • Electrical transmission networks 132 KV and above.
  • The main power stations.
  • The main substations
  • Electrical interconnection between the countries
  • Renewable energy Stations.

The maps also include the stages of the implementation of these components; the existing, the under construction and the planned.

The Arab electricity Interconnection maps are now available at the General Secretariat of the Arab Union of Electricity.  To buy these maps, one may contact the following address: 

Amman – Jordan

Email: [email protected]

Office Phone: +962 6 5819164

Fax: +962 6 5859403