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About AUE

Aims and Responsibilities

Aims and Responsibilities

  1. The Union aims at improving and developing the generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy in the Arab World.
  2. The Union aims at developing, improving and coordinating the areas of interest of its members and strengthening the relationship among them in order to achieve the Union’s main objectives.


In order to achieve the aims stated above, the Union shall pursue the following :

1- It shall foster cooperation and coordination of the activities of its members in the various fields related to the development, improvement, and integration of the Electricity Industry.

       Furthermore, it shall cooperate with national, Arab and international bodies in this field

2- Obtain and develop advanced modern technologies which comply with the nature and present conditions of the Arab Electrical systems.

3- Exchange information systems, charts, technical and economical statistics related to the electrical sector.

4- Participate in Arab and international conferences, and cooperate with Arab and international specialized organizations.

5- Support and encourage manufacturing of equipment needed for generation, transmission, distribution, and consumption of electrical energy in the Arab world.

6- Perform field surveys to provide information concerning the present conditions of the Arab Countries in the Electricity industry in cooperation with the specialized organizations and agencies.

7- Exchange experience in the field of conservation, administration, operation and maintenance in the electricity sector. It shall also develop the Arab human resources working in this field.

8- It shall publish proceedings, magazines and periodicals aiming at informing and promoting relationship between its members.

9- To pursue the interconnection of electrical networks in the Arab countries and accelerate the implementation of such interconnections.

10- To pursue the standardization of Arab electrical terms, symbols, standards and specifications.

11- To pursue the conservation of electrical energy in all fields of use, and to adopt the effective means to prevent waste of energy.

The activities of the Union will be limited to technical and professional tasks, and will not perform any commercial, political, or religious activities.